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Donald H. Ochs

CFO “Groundscape Maintenance, LLC”

We simply degreased and cleaned everything to be coated and sprayed three coats of M1 on everything. To date no corrosion or deterioration of the M1 is apparent. It is less expensive and easier to apply than epoxy paint and it would appear more corrosion resistant on top of it. We plan on using M1 on everything from here forward when we build our transmissions. Thanks for the suggestion and help in solving what has been one of our most plaguing problems.Transmission was coated with M1 on September 2009 and running test for 500 hours Military operation.

Kirk B. Urick

President “Pro Coatings-USA”

We are extremely impressed with the M-1 product as I have referred it to a large oil firm with platforms out in the Pacific Ocean. They are still in the testing process, but so far the product has exceeded expectations. Pro Coatings-USA has and will refer The Master’s Touch, M-1 to many other companies along with other products that have industrial and consumer value as well. Below, please find The Master’s Touch products that we have used and would recommend to anyone:

  • MT-1 Prevents rust, and it is easily applied. (We have referred to others)
  • MT-5 (Green Acid) Removes water spots and pollutants on painted surfaces and fiberglass. (We have referred to others)
  • MT-5 Fabulous Degreaser, Great for removing graffiti on signs, plastic, Lavatory walls and dividers, etc. (Pro Coatings- USA uses this product to its fullest… Outstanding!)

Bart Carpenter

Sales “TekLine Service Group”

Cleaned easier and faster saving time. This is important as they are breaking down an entire rig and moving it to another location, so every minute gained is money saved. (One comment was I wonder how much faster the cleanup process would be if everything here was painted with this product

  • Also, one supervisor asked what “degreaser” was used for the cleaning; he was surprised the cleaning was “only” water and pressure washer
  • Jared commented that the way the shaker looks he can see that when they get back to the yard they may not need to do a total repaint but only touch up the areas that need it. This would be a big savings of time and labor to get equipment back in the field for other jobs.
  • The untreated shakers had a light gray film left on the paint, this is where degreaser removes the residue, but on the treated shaker there was any visible gray residue left.

Michael Estrada

PMCS Equipment Specialist “United States Navy”

The Naval Surface Warfare Center in Port Hueneme California has conducted environmental tests on The Masters Touch M1 corrosion inhibitor. The laboratory tests have shown the product performs very well in inhibiting corrosion on steel and aluminum plates/substrates. The Passive Counter Measures System (PCMS) is currently investigating if this product can be used to simplify and reduce the cost of repairs to primed or painted surfaces on Naval ships. Laboratory test conducted in the Q-fog accelerated weathering chamber showed steel panels coated with the M1 and scored with an X did not allow the corrosion to spread past where the coating was intentionally damaged. The test exposed the panel to 1000 hours of salt spray and elevated temperature which is equivalent to approximately 3 years of outdoor exposure.

Dana M. Jurick

General Manager “Neubrex Energy Services, LLC”

Neubrex Energy Services (US) is a fiber optics measurement service company that serves the US Energy Industry. Our field vehicles and data acquisition units mobilize to well sites across the US and Canada and often work in extreme weather and temperature conditions. From 115-degree heat of west Texas to the sub-zero cold of western Canada and everywhere in between, we rely on M1 Coatings MT109 insulating paint product to help insulate our equipment from extreme temperature conditions. We have painted both sides of our plywood data unit “skins” that are attached to metal frames. We have painted our unit roof tops and flooring with the MT109 products with great results. As one of our multiple insulating layers, we rely on MT109 to keep the inside our air-conditioned data unit’s climate controlled to within a narrow temperature spec window of optimal operating temperatures for our high end optical equipment. We will continue to use M1 Coatings products and the MT109 paint product in our business.

Dan Lechman

Manager “Hypochem Tech”

We are currently using the MT-460-W on our equipment for oil and gas. We have been using this formula for 4 years. To date, we have not experienced any rust, corrosion, or fouling of any kind. Simply one of the best decisions we made at Hypochem Tech!

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