Industrial Coatings – Custom Solutions


Choose from a variety of efficient applications specifically for the construction industry. Prevent rust and water damage on concrete and numerous types of wood. Our water and solvent based coatings are formulated to generate hydrophobic and chemical resistant states for surfaces under high exposure to the elements.

Our solutions for construction

MT-10 is formulated to penetrate deep down into the porous of materials like wood or concrete. It then creates a molecular bond with the substrate. The formula acts as an impenetrable barrier for water, oil, carbon dioxide or chlorides and prevents permanent staining. Many issues corresponding to costs are attributed to water, oil and chloride damage to porous substrates like wood and concrete are now easily overcome with our MT-10 formula. It’s composition is a highly fluorinated and silicon zed coating that exhibits high end release properties. With the hydrophobic and oleophobic durability attributes, you gain long term performance protection for reinforcing steel and rebar without sacrifice. The unique polyol makes this product impervious to UV degradation and highly resistant to hydrocarbons including a wide variety of other chemicals. It prevents moisture or oils from penetrating deep into the pores and will work to stop the growth of mold and mildew.

Cleaning & Prep Solutions

Our MT-30 water spots remover also works great on concrete surfaces to combat surface contamination and chemical residues that would easily take place without a proper protecting coating.

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