Industrial Coatings – Custom Solutions

Oil & Gas

Choose from a variety of efficient applications specifically for the oil & gas sector. Prevent rust and corrosion with our water and solvent based products. You can even reform old rusted surfaces into primer by using our water based formula of rust converter technology. These coatings are designed to provide hydrophobic and chemicals resistant states on surfaces under high exposure to the elements.

Our Solutions for Oil And Gas Sector

The operational impact of rust in the oil and gas industry includes:

  • extraordinary costs arising from premature equipment.
  • replacement revenue shortfalls due to equipment downtime.
  • reduced production from rust clogged casing perforations and pumps.

We decided to bring this space age technology down to earth in order to create a thermal coating based on extreme heat resistant nanotechnology. This brings you several advantages such as:

  • extended piping lifespan
  • eliminating rust and corrosion
  • complications downhole
  • oleophilic properties
  • impervious to H2S and H2S04
  • immune to the extreme heat resulting from drilling activities and downhole temperatures.

 Cleaning & Prep Solutions

Our MT-5 Zero V.O.C. is a solvent degreaser designed to remove contaminated surfaces and grease over metal or aluminum.

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