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About Us

Master’s Touch Global is a California company founded in 2004. The main direction is the development of ecological and safe products for the protection of surfaces from the influence of the external environment, chemicals, etc. The company’s products are suitable for various industries, including marine, automotive, government and industrial markets, as well as private enterprise.

For the past 10 years, the company has worked with the US Navy’s Research and Development team to create safe and effective products that prevent corrosion, rust and other surface damages. This allows you to significantly save money in the future for the replacement of parts or equipment, as well as labor.

The M1 product from our line has been tested by NAVSEA and National Sea Life Water Protection and rated as a safe and effective coating for Anti Fouling. It was also certified by ABS worldwide.

Our products meet California V.O.C and compliance. We distribute worldwide and locally with High Quality Products, High-Volume Capabilities and Unprecedented Customer Service.

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