Industrial Coatings – Custom Solutions


Choose from a variety of efficient applications specifically for marine territory. From hull bottom paints, hull, and ceramic coatings to prevent oxidation to custom boat polishes that remove oxidation. We also provide cleaning products to keep your vessel in mint condition. Our hull paints and coatings are designed with a non-stick formula in order to keep the aluminum flawless and unstained. Applicable to speed boats, sail boats, yachts and more. Protect your investment from rusting as well as cavitation and finally wave goodbye to that sea growth build up.

Our Solutions are Biocide free

Anti-fouling paints have hit the radar of government and environmental agencies. Most commonly used anti-fouling paints contain large quantities of biocides like copper and Irgarol. Effects of these biocides extend into the marine environment and bring harm to aquatic plants, animals, and fish. Once in water, they can settle into sediment where bottom feeding organisms are active with ingesting processes. The early life development stage of mussels, oysters and sea urchins are therefore (negatively?) effected. Copper can also build up in algae, plankton, and crustaceans. Irgarol is considered toxic and persistent. The European Union banned anti-fouling products containing Irgarol in 2016 under the biocidal products regulation. As of January 1’st 2023, Washington law also bans the use of Irgarol on recreational vessels.

Boat Bottom Paints

With unmatched UV protection to prevent oxidation, our hull paints are designed to last for years. Our hull coatings contain a slick layer which inhibits sea growth from attaching to your vessel. Salt, water spots and calcium deposits are therefore easily removed.

  • Originally developed with the Navy to fight rust and corrosion.
  • Proven on industrial barges with over 7 years of performance and protection.
  • Anti-stick formula inhibits sea and contaminates from attaching to hulls.
  • Slick surface to reduce drag.
  • More abrasion resistant and durable than Nano-Ceramic coatings.

Ionic & Ceramic Coating Solutions

Master’s Touch uses state of the art ceramic technology. Our ionic formulas provide resistance to salt water, friction and solvents. They protect and bond to all painted naval surfaces including composites.

Our ionic’s are semi-permanent ceramic coatings that bond directly with gelcoat. The formula in fact becomes the functional surface of your vessel’s hull. By creating an inseparable bond on a molecular level with your surface (substrate?), the final result is a layer that cannot be washed off like a wax or sealant.

These ionic coatings function as a clear coat. Providing increased protection against nature’s elements. They are even harder and more chemical resistant compared to the original paint. Additional benefits include incredible protection against salt water, minor scratches, swirl marks, acid rain, bird droppings and UV rays.

Cleaning & Prep Solutions

You can also find a complete line of cleaning and prep solutions in our portfolio. ACO is designed to remove water spots, calcium build up and even oxidation from gelcoat, fiberglass, glass, and other surfaces. Rust Away and Descale are 2 industrial strength products formulated to safely remove sea growth from most hull types. Our Gel Coat De-Oxidizer and protection is a single step product that removes oxidation and leaves a nano ceramic layer which protects your boat from fading and oxidation.

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