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Choose your product from our aerospace section to gain the upper hand. We serve high heat ceramic formulas in order to lower surface heat, treat rust and prevent corrosion. Our coatings are formulated to provide a hydrophobic and chemicals resistant state for surfaces under high exposure to the elements. The current solution for heat, fire and fluid protection for engine cowling panels is a two-component formula containing intumescent paint and an epoxy topcoat. The epoxy topcoat acts as a barrier against chemical attacks from aircraft fluids and humidity. The intumescent component is a fire protection barrier designed to prevent catastrophic structural failure in case of an emergency.


We recommend replacing the epoxy seal coat in the current coating system with the MT-C770. Alleviate and remove the delamination and burning in the inner skin of the engine cowling when the aircraft is hovering. Moreover, MT-C770 can be used to paint onto current engine cowlings to improve their heat resistance.

Cleaning & Prep Solutions

Our MT-5 Zero is a V.O.C. solvent degreaser designed to remove surface contaminants and surface grease over metal and aluminum.

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